Flexo Plate Products

Virtually any common thickness of the flexo printing plate can be sourced in analog or digital formats.
Other available thicknesses include:
1.14mm, 1.70mm, 2.54mm, 2.84mm, 3.18mm, 3.94mm, 4.70mm, 6.35mm

At Forward Flexo, we provide a wide range of flexo plate products for a variety of different uses from label plates to wallpaper plates. Therefore, we can always accommodate your printing plate needs. Take a look at our products below to see what you need.

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Post-Print Corrugated Card

Flexo plates 6.35mm or 0.25" for corrugated card printing close up

  • 6.35mm or (0.25″)
  • These plates have excellent Excellent ink transfer and are capable of holding fine detail and screens
  • It is designed to last over long print runs with minimum pressure required on press
  • For use with water-based ink

  • 1.7mm or (0.67″)
  • Designed to be used with solvent-based inks
  • They are capable of holding very fine detail and screens and have excellent ink transfer
  • It is designed to last over long print runs with minimum pressure required on press
  • Max single artwork processing size is 705mm x 550mm

Water Wash Flexo Plates

Jet LSL 170SS & Toyobo ZF170B 1.7mm Photopolymer Flexo Plates

Flexo Plates For Label Printing

Flexo Plates 1.7mm Ohkaflex 170HT for label printing

  • 1.7mm & 2.84mm are the most popular thicknesses. Both are solvent washout polymers that offer excellent rebound elasticity
  • These plates have excellent ink transfer, with minimum pressure on the press needed
  • For use with water-based inks
  • Capable of holding very fine detail and screens and can withstand long print runs
  • The max single artwork processing size is 1200mm x 900mm

  • 6.35mm with a 3mm relief
  • We provide Wallpaper Printing Plates perfect for creating high-quality and bespoke wallpapers.
  • Our range of custom plates is ideal for making any kind of artwork for your wallpaper and you can get them for a good price as well.
  • It can be relied upon for excellent ink transfer and is highly flexible
  • It has high mechanical resistance and has large cleaning intervals

Flexo Plates For Wallpaper Printing

Close up of 2.84mm flexo plate

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